Best backpack for 15.6 laptop of poso backpack - Feedback from a customer

POSO Waterproof Laptop Backpack for 15.6 inch Computer

We have a 15.6 inch gaming laptop that my son carries everywhere he goes. It doesn't matter whether we are going to a waterpark or grandmother's house, he wants to have his gaming laptop with him so he can play his favorite video games wherever he goes.

Looks/Durability: I like the smooth, almost leathery, look of the material. I had to wash it after my lunch exploded in it. It went through the washer and dryer, and came out looking like new.

Fit/Security: It's a perfect fit for my 15" MacBook Pro. I didn't understand what the Anti-Theft thing was when I bought it - it just means that the laptop inserts on the back side and is inaccessible when you are wearing the backpack. At first, I found it to be a nuisance to pull the shoulder straps back to get to the laptop, but I've grown to really love the design as it reduces the chance of the laptop falling out when not fully zipped up.

Slim: I love that this backpack really wants to be slim. I've stuff it a few times for overnight trips, but it always snaps back to be super thin when done, which is the majority of the time for me. My previous bags seemed really baggy all the time. Not so with this bag.

Obviously we want the laptop to be protected when we take it with us places, so we want a high quality laptop backpack with enough padding to protect it, but also enough storage places to keep up with all the accessories and charging cables with him all the time. The POSO Series Business Laptop Backpack is surprisingly well made and has very high quality zippers. I consider the zippers to be one of the most important parts of a backpack, because they are going to get used a lot and if they stick or hang, then it will be a hassle and if they break then the bag is useless - so I rate the zipper quality as being very important to the rating of a backpack.

Also, the straps and comfort of the backpack is important too - the POSO laptop backpack has strong straps with padding that makes it more comfortable to carry the laptop around.

Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Waterproof Laptop Backpack

It also has a nice selection of pockets that are shaped perfectly for a mouse and other thicker accessories. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to pack all your accessories in your backpack and it feels like they are getting squashed or potentially damaged in your backpack. The POSO backpack has generous sized pockets that easily hold your mouse and your charging brick with room to spare.

Ultimately, I'm picky about my laptop backpack and I really think this is a high quality backpack and worth five stars. It is significantly better than the average laptop backpack. And one other note, this is advertised as being a Business Laptop Backpack, but to me it is more like a gaming laptop backpack because of the extra storage space and padding and nice sized pockets.

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